Design Process
Design Process -1
Uniquely Designed & Client Tailored Architecture
1) Complimentary onsite first meeting
2) Architect's proposal for services
3) Documentation of existing conditions
4) Design development phase
On site meeting for architect to walk through the proposed
project site and evaluate the existing building. Owner explains
what work they would like to have done and the type of
project to be built. Architect reviews site plan to verify the
existing building locations and lot line setbacks. Architect also
reviews the buildings flood certificate for the first floor
elevation compared to the required base flood elevation.
Scope of project is discussed, if the architect has any
concerns about what is proposed he will inform the owner.
At this time any additional information and questions about the
firm will be answered. Having a photo file of architectural
details from other buildings showing the different spaces,
elements, details and style of architecture the client is looking
for, is also very helpful to the architect.
Architect prepares and delivers a proposal for architectural
services for the proposed project. The architect's proposal
covers the scope of the project, phases and the architect's
fees for the project. After the owners review and approve
the contract for architectural services. Then when a signed
copy and required retainer is received by the architect the
project continues as follows.
For renovations and additions, if correct and to scale drawings
of the existing building are not available; I will measure and
photograph the existing building as required. Then prepare
existing condition drawings at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale of the floor
plans and two elevations.
3) Schematic design
In the design development phase the refinement of the design continues.
At this time interior and exterior materials, finishes and details are
chosen. Notes are made for the project manual. Design developement
drawing which are 1/4"= 1'-0" hardline drawings of the floor plans and
all four elevations, are sent to the owners for review. The architect
meets with the client to review the design developement drawings at
the site or office to discuss the project. After any requested changes to
the design are made and with the clients final approval of the floor plans
and elevations the project moves on the construction document phase.
The architect takes the information provided by the client and works out
the schematic (or first) designs that best fullfills the scope and program
of the project. These designs are provided as schematic design
sketches at 1/4"= 1'-0"scale of the floor plans and two elevations to the
owner. After the owner has reviewed the sketches the architect will
meet with the client at the site or office to review and discuss the
design. As required the schematic designs will be revised and
submitted to the owner for additional reviews as required to refine the
design. After the schematic design is approved the project moves to the
design development phase.
These existing condition drawings will be used to generate correct to
scale schematic designs of the proposed project including all found
elements and conditions.
If a variance is required by the zoning board of adjustment for the
project. I can provide documentation of the proposed design to the board
of adjustment for their review. Also I can be available at the zoning
board meeting as the architect of record, to answer any questions
regarding the design and help support your case.