Not only is functionality a high priority of the design but also
the final cost of construction. It does not matter how good a
proposed project looks on paper if it is never built. Or to be
built, unique details have to be changed or removed because
the project was designed outside of the clients budget.
I look forward to meeting all my new clients and provide the
first onsite meeting as complimentary. This way I'm better
able to get to initially understand the project and provide a
detailed proposal for architectural services to the new client.
Projects are usually of the fixed fee type which is based on a
hourly rate and not on the construction or square feet costs
of the project. Each project's fee is based on it's own unique
location, complexity of design and the type of architecture.
Uniquely Designed & Client Tailored Architecture
I have been working in architecture and construction on
Long Beach Island and the surrounding area since 1988.
After working 7-1/2 years for a local architect I decided
to open my own firm. Where I'm better able to service
the architectural needs of my clients in a more personal
way through all phases of their project. Since opening
my office in January of 1997, I've had the opportunity to
work on many different types of new construction and
renovation projects at the Jersey Shore.
My design philosophy is "form follows fuction".
Buildings should be attractive and pleasing to the eye
but they also must be functional as well.
My firm is small by choice. This allows me to spend more
time with my clients. Where I get to know them personally
which helps to better understand the needs and desires
for their project. This way the project is designed to fulfill
the clients dreams, wishes and requirements; not just
what the architect thinks is best for them.
My firm is a sole proprietor type. Where I'm personally
involved in all phases of the architectural process of
your project. So from the initial contact I'm working with
you through all phases of your project. Including all the
design, construction drawing production, bidding,
contractor selection and construction phases. This way
my clients have the opportunity to utilize my 21+ years
of architectural experience, while I work with them
throughout all phases of their project.
Please give me a call, to discuss the architectural needs of
your next project and set up your first complimentary
onsite meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.
So take a few moments to browse the rest of the website.
View the project portfolio to see some of the uniquely
designed and client tailored projects John Daniel Skodi
Architect has completed. While at the same time getting to
know a little more about me personally in the Biographical
Sketch section.
We spend more time living and working inside our homes
and buildings, not out on the street admiring them. So if the
interior spaces don't work. The client will not be completely
satisfied with the final outcome of the project, no matter how
well it looks from the outside.